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What do we offer at BDE? 

How to join us?

Get in touch with us through this contact form and tell us a bit about your journey so far, your expectations, your drives and your general schedule. Both our director Marco & our assistant Erika will go through your application. Put some drum-love into it! Our main selection is on a human level as that is how we were able to have such a DRUMAZING gang full of people from all over the world brought together by the same passion and attitude to "conquer the drum-world", grow and have lots of fun in the process! After you contact us, Erika will then send you a separate link with all the information you need to know about the course, our different pricing options and will then help us arrange our first long (3 hours!!!) drum session!! Get ready to rock and groove like never before!


A proper Berlin Drum Experience

Small, but fixed monthly contribution → Big and fixed drum experience! This plan is the place to be, where basically 99.9% of our drummers belong! It shows your commitment and allows the teachers to properly guide you through this exciting rhythmical journey knowing that you care about it.

Course Conditions:

  • There's an internal agreement with a 3-month cancellation notice.
  • Fixed automatic payment (direct debit) on the 20th of the previous month.
  • The course can't be put on hold – lessons are made up throughout the year.

What Do You Get? A LOT!

🎵 Play & Learn EVERY DAYReceive 4+ hours of individual and/or special group lessons per month with your teachers. Immerse yourself in daily drumming opportunities! Unmade hours are never lost, they accumulate for more future drumming!
🎮 You have been "GAMIFIED" with DRUM-POINTS: Complete different tasks, participate at various activities, be a good and committed drummer while earning drum-points! If and when you reach a certain amount of DP, you will be rewarded with some juicy drumming treats or you can also make the world a better place by converting them in actual € the school will donate to the M.A.D. project. YOU DO, WE GIVE! Let's Make A Difference while learning together! 
📚 Special Technique and Theory Classes: Attend online classes using a graphic tablet to learn concepts to apply during other lessons. Receive a PDF with session notes.
💖 M.A.D. Project Involvement: Automatically contribute to meaningful projects worldwide by providing music education and instruments to those in need.
💪 Physical Training for Drummers: Learn how to avoid injuries, body awareness, posture, balance, independence, stage presence and much more with Giulia Mandelli, a professional dancer and choreographer in our team of teachers!
🎸 Rhythmic Section Studies: Explore the bass & drums relationship and unlock your groove with Roberto Badoglio.
🥁 Tribal Drum Ensemble: Participate in group classes and learn to play and compose in a percussive ensemble with Marco Rivagli.
♬ Drum History: Get access to our archived course on the "history & evolution of drums" w Daniel Glass and future courses on the subject!
🔑 24/7 Practice Room Access: Get practicing in your own room ANY DAY/ANY TIME with your own key!
🏠 Daily P.P.R. Online Sessions: Join our FREE daily (Zoom) guided training sessions without drums led by Nahuel Arias!
🌐 Access to Drumming Community: Join our private Discord server to connect with fellow drummers, access learning materials, and attend events.
🎶 Monthly Guided Jam Session: Enjoy free lessons with teachers or special guests and participate in city-wide open jam sessions.
🎉 Weekly Friday Get-Togethers: Meet fellow drummers, have fun, and learn during regular events! 
🙋  Constant Teachers Presence: Our teachers are always available to answer your drum-related questions!
🏫 Lesson Room Costs Covered: We cover all the costs of lesson rooms; just show up and drum away! 
📚 Access to all courses: Gain access to all future courses & activities to make you experience music at 360°


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for advanced, doubtful or visiting students

This plan is recommended for advanced drummers or those visiting Berlin sporadically. Room and drum teacher included. No additional services beyond the lesson time. It is much more expensive than our PLAN A, but it does not imply any for of longer term commitment.

No matter which plan you will choose, every journey starts at the beginning: 
THE "Berlin Drum Experience" lesson! LENGTH: 3 hours! 

CONCLUSION/The Method: Based on what we have observed so far, too many schools teach you "only" exercises, forgetting the purpose of them. We will guide you through different methods that will allow you to soon walk on your own in the fascinating world of percussion. The point being: studying an instrument is a life long process and the role of a teacher should be (!) to make people independent by communicating how things work and how to understand what we still do not know while building our own personal style. Remember though, a teacher is a guide not a wizard and only you, with excitement and dedication can make it possible. 

Our main mission will be teaching you as many different perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking as possible in order to allow you to look at whatever you are learning from multiple angles. In a nutshell, our goals towards you will be teaching you how to teach yourself and develop a proper end efficient practice routine and methodology. That, we believe, is the most difficult yet most crucial skill that will have an impact in your drumming (and not only) future! 

Practice DOES NOT make you perfect. That is such a brainwashed concept! Practice makes you permanent: If you practice something wrong over and over again... you become very good at doing the wrong things ;-) PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES YOU PERFECT! Then again, who cares about perfection, but we do want: AWARENESS and freedom of expression on the instrument! 

We can only do this together with some proper teamwork, so keep an open mind,  but not too open that your brain falls out!

There are a lot of other exciting things happening, but we will unveil them to you step by step... We guess you are already a bit overwhelmed so... one "drum-beat" at a time! :) Everything else depends on how well we are able to work and grow together. We look forward to smashing those drums with you! That's it for now... simply get in touch via the contact form to have more information and join our beautiful drumming community! 

To your drumming success! Berlin Drum Experience team!


CLICK on the name to see the location on Google Maps
Note: All studio costs are covered by us!

Castalian Spring: Variable schedule - public rehearsal room complex on the U6 and 5 minutes walk from the S-Bahn Wedding. Our first long drum session will be held here!

U-Bahn Osloer Strasse: 3 days/week - Room located a 5 minutes walk from U-Bahn Osloer Strasse.

Lichtenberg/Marzahn: 24/7 - Two of our own studios located at the end of Lichtenberg/beginning of Marzahn, near IKEA and easily reachable with M6, M8, M27. In one room, you can practice drums for free 24/7 once you are part of the drum family and get your own key. We also organize here various other activities and normal lessons. In the other, much bigger room, we will meet for our "Tribal Drum Ensemble" and "Physical Training for Drummers" lessons.

Ostkreuz/Frankfurter Alle: 2 days/week - Room located 10 minutes walk from OSTKREUZ S-Bahn or Frankfurter Allee S-Bahn.

MITTE @ ZEST - Torstr.161 :  24/7 - Our location used for the "Physical Training for Drummers" course!

ONLINE LESSONS: On Request - Lesson on Zoom based on learning theory and technique.

Practice Pad Routine: Daily - Online free guided practice sessions.


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 Artwork by the artist RAHA