Berlin Drum Experience

A one-o-one unique drum course hosted by Marco Rivagli in BERLIN since 2013 that will give you the tools to soon walk in the fascinating world of percussion and rhythm. In this page we will try in a concise manner to tell you all the information you need to get started in our drum journey together!


Remember though, a teacher is your guide and not a wizard, and only you with your passion and dedication can make it possible. Let's join forces to start what can be one of the best decisions of your life. EVERYONE can play drum and everyone SHOULD play drums! 

Let's get grooving

Let's get rocking

Let's get primitive


See more information on our teachers and our drumfamily here:

Watch Marco in action behind the drums: 

See some of your drumtastic soon-to-be drum colleagues in the gang: 


You are about to join a very particular reality in Berlin. Our drumfamily consists in a beautiful group of drummers from all over the world, studying, learning and enjoying the drumming world while sharing the same passion. Our founding teacher Marco Rivagli put his love, passion and expertise through the years to build a strong and powerful community that with the precious collaboration with the professional drummer and educator Nahuel Arias and our teacher of "Physical Training for Drummers" Giulia Mandelli, will allow you not to “just” play drums, but to rather BE and FEEL like a drummer from day 1... and every following day! A true and complete 360° DRUM/MUSIC EXPERIENCE with a proper BERLIN touch! 

Are the lessons one-o-one or taught in groups? 

We organise many activities that involve the drumfamily as a group, including our epic side courses like Tribal Drum Ensemble, Physical Training for Drummers and regular Jam Sessions, but learning an instrument is a very personal experience that we develop in one-on-one classes unless requested otherwise or necessary for students under a certain age.

To whom are the lessons aimed?

Our drummers range between 3 and unlimited years of age and from complete beginners to musicians with a very advanced musical background. If you think you are too young, too old, too good or not good enough, your are mistaken: let's build together the best plan and experience we need to take you from where you are to where you want to be... AND BEYOND!

WHERE do classes take place?

We have different locations depending on the topic of the class and the schedule of the teachers. At the moment we have a beautiful recording studio near Tegel (on the u6 line) where you will be able to have lessons specifically on how to record and work on songs from scratch. Our other studios are in Lichtenberg/Marzahn (connected through different tram lines also from Alexanderplatz and Landsberger Allee) with a very particular drum set - we call it the drum-spaceship! Both of these locations can be used 24/7 allowing us during the lessons to not constantly look at the clock and provide you with the best learning experience as we always try to make you drum as much as possible, and a little bit     more! We just also opened a new location 5 minutes walk from U-Bahn Osloerstr! We also teach at our partner-studios CASTALIAN SPRING (Mitte/Wedding), 5 minutes walk from the S-Bahn Wedding and some of the lessons will be held online to study and focus upon theory and technique. We have students coming from all corners of the city and outside Berlin, so we will make  sure to make your travel time worth the effort and become the highlight of your week. You can request a specific location of  your convenience, but the final confirmation really depends, as mentioned, on both the existing scheduling of the day and the topic of the class that the teachers have planned for you. Let's be flexible: let's learn!

How do I book lessons with the Berlin Drum Experience?

All the booking and organization of the lesson as well as communication regarding payments and related subjects are     done through our precious assistant ERIKA  at the following email address: 

For urgent communications and special situations feel free to contact our teacher Marco at: +4915232171279

LESSONS ARE BOOKED MONTHLY and the schedule is worked together with you to allow extreme flexibility. IF YOU MISS SOME LESSONS because you are travelling or simply busy DO NOT EVER WORRY. You will never lose your hours; we will simply arrange more and/or longer classes whenever your availability and the one of the teachers allow it throughout the year. A document with the updated lessons situation will be shared with you on google drive so you will always be able to get a clear overview of your situation. We always aim towards making you drum way more than what you pay for. Be prepared for that!

What is the length of the lessons and how often do they take place?

We always work out a plan specific to each drummer and their monthly schedule. We do suggest to start off with a weekly 1 hour session, but when you have enough material to practice, a longer 2 hour by-weekly lesson could be what you need in that moment. We will discuss and figure out the best plan for you as we go along! If you would like a more intense and Profi-plan to really dedicate yourself to the craft, feel free to ask and we will work it out with pleasure!

What are the costs of the drum course and the differences between the plans?

PLAN A: Premium Student THE DRUMFAMILY – a proper Berlin Drum Experience 

Small, but fixed monthly contribution → Big and fixed drum experience! This plan is the place to be, where basically     99.9% of our drummers belong! It shows your commitment and allows the teachers to properly guide you through this exciting rhythmical journey knowing that you care about it.


*There is an internal agreement with a 3 months cancellation notice. Learning an instrument is a process that requires years of development, so the cancellation is there in case you realise it's not for you (?) or move abroad.

*Fixed automatic payment (direct debit) on the 20th of the previous month of the amount of 137€+V.A.T. (19%)

*The course cannot be put on hold – lessons are accumulated when not possible;

What do you get?

*4 HOURS of one-on-one lessons per month with your teacher (You will have lessons with both). Usually 1 hour per month (or when needed) is held online in a special technique and theory class with the use of a graphic tablet to learn all the concepts we need to apply ideas on the actual drums during the other lessons. You will get always a pdf with all the notes discussed during the session! Unmade hours will NOT be lost, but accumulated!

*YOU BECOME PART OF THE M.A.D. PROJECT! MAKING A DIFFERENCE!You don't need to do anything aside from staying drumtastic as you are! A percentage of what you contribute monthly for the lessons will be automatically set aside for meaningful projects around the world, providing music education and musical instruments (Drums/Percussion mostly) to those who live in harsh realities and cannot afford to approach this wonderful and powerful instrument! 

*Physical Training for Drummers  held by our teacher Giulia Mandelli (professional contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer, founder of the percussive dance theatre project: GUT REACTION (with our other teachers as well!). We work on stage presence, posture, independence, motion awareness, balance, learning how to avoid injuries and working your a** off with some proper training for drummers!! 

TRIBAL DRUM ENSEMBLE group classes: let’s get loud and primitive and learn how to play together in a group of percussion!

*FREE practice room (with your own key!!) to use at your will 24/7 (booked via google calendar)!!!!!

*FREE DAILY P.P.R. (Practice Pad Routine) online zoom sessions where our teacher Nahuel Arias will guide you through many fun routines of practice you can/should do at home when NOT on the drums. You will simply need your drumsticks and a practice pad (or pillow).

*Access to our beautiful community, discord server, all events, drummers meetups, drum camps, seminars and much more!

*By-Weekly BDE Jam Session in your drum-room! Let's get grooving and rocking!

*Constant presence of the teachers at your disposal when any drum question might arise;

*The cost of both the room to practice and the room needed for the lessons are covered by us, you just need to show up and get drumming like there is no tomorrow!

*Access to all future side-courses to help you become a musician at 360°!


PLAN B: Normal Student PAY BY THE HOUR.

Conditions & Perks: This plan is suggested for drummers with a very advanced background or visiting Berlin sporadically. You pay 1 hour (or any amount) of lessons beforehand at the cost of 60€+V.A.T. (19%)/hour. We provide the room included for the time of the class and of course... the drum teacher. No commitment required, but no other services included aside from the time allocated for the lesson, no inclusion in our beautiful community of drummers and related activities.

It sounds very good! How do I make it happen?

Let's smash those drums! The first lesson together, THE "Berlin Drum Experience", is 3 HOURS LONG!!!!! It does not imply any form of commitment to start the course. It will allow both of us to see if we get along and to show you a perspective on the world of drumming, what it means to learn this beautiful instrument, how/what we practice and share many ideas you probably never knew existed! It's going to be fun and intense! The cost of this first long class is of a total of 80€+V.A.T. (19%) and includes also the cost of the room for the lesson. The teacher can provide you with drumsticks if needed. After this first class you can decide whether you want to join the meantime...Get ready to DRUM! 

We are sure you will love it! 


In order to confirm your first Berlin Drum Experience:
Send the amount of 95,20 € (80€ +19% VAT including the costs of the room) to the following bank account:

Marco Rivagli
IBAN: DE22 1005 0000 1064 1535 81
Berliner Sparkasse

Reason of payment: *your name
+"Berlin Drum Experience "

Please also send us  via mail your full name and address so we can write an official receipt of payment!
Now, to book the lesson, what does your schedule look like for the next 6 weeks?
This longer class is the only tricky one to book as it is much longer so we need more options to choose from :)

Write Erika at 

We cannot wait to start smashing and grooving those drums with you!

To your drumming success and freedom of expression, BERLIN DRUM EXPERIENCE